Brough Primary School

Springfield Avenue, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1AE


Chair of Governors: Mr S Dodsworth

Business Manager: Mrs S Marshall

SMSC       SMSC       SMSC       SMSC       SMSC       SMSC       SMSC         SMSC

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education


Brough Primary School aims to provide a stimulating, caring and safe environment in which our children desire to learn independently and with others, through an exciting educational programme that challenges and develops the whole child. 

We recognise that the personal development of pupils, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, plays a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve. 

We therefore aim to provide an education that provides pupils with opportunities to explore and develop their own values and beliefs, spiritual awareness, high standards of personal behaviour, a positive caring attitude towards other people, an understanding of their social and cultural traditions and an appreciation of the diversity and richness of other cultures.

The 12 Cs of a socially, morally, spiritually and culturally aware child...... 

 Considerate Communicates  Challenges  Chooses 
 Considers Concludes  Collaborates Connects
 Curious Confident Creates Culturally Aware


British Values


The South Hunsley Partnership of schools have a shared vision for the British Values taught in our schools:

In our partnership, we aim to encourage children to understand the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of people of all faiths, races and cultures. We help children to understand that while different people may hold different views about what is 'right' and 'wrong', all people living in England are subject to its laws.


The British value of democracy is taught by helping the children understand all of the decisions in school which they have a say in. Examples might include the election of school council members and house captains. It might also include making decisions about which charity events the school supports during the year, such as Children In Need. For these events the school council take a lead role in the fund raising activities.


The rule of law is taught through understanding why the world needs rules and why we need rules in school.  We also bring in outside specialists to teach children about rules for using a scooter or cycling outside school.


The right to individual liberty is a major part of our SMSC curriculum. It is promoted in many aspects of the school's life, ranging from children at play right through to respecting the decision individuals take regarding their future lives.


Mutual respect and tolerance is another fundamental part of our SMSC curriculum. It can also be seen in action in much of the school's day to day activities, including assemblies, children at play and at work. The diversity and wealth of the world's different religions are taught through the religious education curriculum. Year 4 children study the story of Rama and Sita in detail as well as the richness of the Hindu faith. They then put on a major performance for the school and parents in the autumn term. Year 3 children lead a Christingle service each year in the local Methodist or Church of England church.