Brough Primary School

Springfield Avenue, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1AE


Chair of Governors: Mr S Dodsworth

Business Manager: Mrs S Marshall

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Modern Foreign Languages

Primary language learning was to be made statutory for all Key Stage 2 pupils in 2010. Within the development of a new National Curriculum in

England, the government has included languages as a statutory subject for Key Stage 2 pupils from September 2014.The Department for Education has published the Languages programmes of study (11th September 2013) covering Key Stage 2 and 3, that lays down the Purpose of study, Aims and Attainment targets and Subject content specific to Key Stage 2: Foreign Language.


Modern Foreign Languages Policy

 Brough School MFL (French) Provision and Practice

Euro Stars New Primary French is used as a complete programme taught progressively across KS2 with activities building on previous learning to ensure progression.

It is used as a bank of materials used flexibly, depending on the language ability of the class. To tie in with the cross-curricular approach of the primary curriculum, there is a strong focus on cross curricular project ideas.

Euro Stars New Primary French consists of 24 units spread over Years 3–6 or four years of learning. These unitsfor French are in line with the new Languages programmes of study for Key Stage 2: Foreign Language.

Teaching and Learning

 Units are self-standing, with built in progression. There are 4 stages with 6 units in each stage. Each unit can be taught within each half term. Six sessions are suggested per unit with additional cross curricular project ideas. Each lesson can be deliver in 30-40 minute slots or can be “blocked” across a longer period. A range of didactic and interactive teaching is used.