Brough Primary School

Springfield Avenue, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1AE


Chair of Governors: Mr S Dodsworth

Business Manager: Mrs S Marshall

Apps of the Week

 This week's KS1 App of the Week is...


Pirate Treasure Hunt




This is a an app providing a variety of problem solving opportunities for the children. As you help Pirate Jack to find the hidden treasure you take part in mathematical and literacy based tasks: shapes, spelling, addition sums, sequencing, and time problems, etc.  It is great for the variety it offers and encouraging the children to adapt from one type of skill to another.

This week's KS2 App of the Week is...


Pettson's Inventions




A great problem solving app, really good for getting those most eager mathematicians / scientists thinking! It is good for developing collaboration between pairs of children or for independent tasks. The children work their way through a series of problems, designing solutions and collecting cogs which they’ll use later on. There are further apps available if this one proves popular.