Springfield Avenue, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1AE


Brough Primary School

The Deep


In Year 4, our children visit The Deep Submarium for an overnight stay. After school, the children go home to have their evening meal with their family before returning to school for 5:00pm; they then board a coach to The Deep. At The Deep, the evening's activities start with a comprehensive tour of the tropical and deep sea tanks as well a visit to the touch pool and the penguins and later, carry on with an investigation workshop focusing on which predator in the tropical seas is most likely to have eaten an identified species of fish followed by a second workshop when the children get the opportunity to decorate their own 'T' shirt to keep as a memento of their visit. 

Once the activities have come to an end, the children prepare to go to sleep right alongside one of the viewing windows into The Deep tank. These windows allow viewing of some of the larger fish in the tanks, including the rays and sharks!

The following morning, the children have a cooked breakfast and an opportunity to visit the ever popular souvenir shop before boarding the coach to come back to school, somewhat tired, but having had a super experience that is not available to other visitors at The Deep.  

 "It was fantastic to see all of the different sea creatures. It really was amazing!"

"I loved feeling the star fish"

"It was great to see the sharks and i think it would be lovely if other children had the opportunity to go."

Visit the Official Website: www.thedeep.co.uk