Springfield Avenue, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1AE


Brough Primary School

Robin Wood

Robin Wood offers wonderful opportunities for children to achieve fantastic things. The 3 day, 2 night residential course typically packs in 15 activities providing the right balance by offering activities that will challenge, develop teamwork and stimulate the imagination. 

As teachers, one of the best things at Robin Wood is seeing the children learning and working together in a different environment. This will often result in a few surprises, with some children who are quieter in the classroom succeeding well beyond what had been expected.

Everything the staff at Robin Wood do is designed to make a really positive difference in the development of each child that attends. It’s why they all go to work at Robin Wood and why they are passionate about it.

"Robinwood was the best trip ever because it was fun and exciting and I definitely want to go again!"

"I would recommend other children to go because it is a once in a lifetime chance"

"I really enjoyed Robinwood because of the extraordinary activities and the fact that the leaders were such good fun"

"My favourite activity was the piranha pool as there were lots of tasks and puzzles to solve as we tried desperately to escape!"

"I wished the trip didn't have to end!"

Have a look at what to expect from a school trip to Robinwood.

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Visit the Official Robinwood Website: www.robinwood.co.uk