Springfield Avenue, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1AE


Brough Primary School

Normanby Hall


Year 2 enjoy a fun-filled day at Normanby Hall, set within a 300 acre estate in the heart of North Lincolnshire. The children go dressed in Victorian clothing and learn what life was like in the Victorian era. The children dress up for this visit. Click here for some Normanby Hall Costume Ideas.

Session 1- Normanby Hall Tour

The children have an exclusive tour around Normanby Hall with Mrs Harding, the very strict housekeeper! They get to explore the many rooms and understand the different roles within the household from servant to chimney sweep.

Session 2- The Laundry Room

The children experience what it was like to work in a Victorian laundry using real artefacts! They wash the clothes with a dolly stick / tub and carbolic soap, dry the clothes using a mangle and use very heavy irons! It is such hard work!


The children thrive from the hands-on learning at Normanby Hall and here are some of their favourite memories…

“I enjoyed using the dolly stick and tub but it was really hard work!”

“Everything was so much fun! Mrs Harding the house keeper was very bossy!”

“I got to use artefacts that I had never seen before like the Yoke for carrying water. I would not like to do that job as a Victorian servant!”

Visit the Official Website: www.normanbyhall.co.uk