Brough Primary School

Springfield Avenue, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1AE


Chair of Governors: Mrs J Drewery

Business Manager: Mrs S Marshall

We are independent learners in Year One!


We have two Year One classes:

Y1 CC/CSw: Mrs Counter & Mrs Swanborough

Y1 RP: Mrs Paice


On this page you will find out all about our learning in Year One. You will be able to see which topics we are covering throughout the year and also look at some photographs of our children working hard.  


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Reading/Phonics:   Picnic on Pluto         Buried Treasure            Dinosaur Eggs           Tell A T-Rex

Mathematics:           ICT games                Top Marks Maths           Number Balance  

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Curriculum Overview
Year One

Click the link below to view the New Curriculum (2014 onwards) objectives for Year 1


National Curriculum 2014 statutory objectives

 Religious Education Syllabus Year 1 and 2

Y1 Phonics Screening Presentation 2017




Year One

Autumn Term - Transition Topic, Guy Fawkes & The Gunpowder Plot, Toys

Spring Term -  Brough & St Lucia

Summer Term - Knights and Castles

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Parents curriculum booklets

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Photographs of our Year 1 children hard at work!

Amy Johnson Festival!

All schools in Hull and the East Riding have been given the opportunity to be part of
A Flutter of Moths, which is a collaborative art installation as part of the Amy Johnson festival. Year 1 CC/CSw were chosen to represent our school! In Year 1, we have been learning all about Amy Johnson, so this was perfect! We all constructed 3D planes and decorated them. Every plane looked AMAZING!!
We then had to choose just 10 to send to Hull to be part of the installation. This was incredibly difficult!!! Below are photos of the 10 that we chose. Well done to every child that made one (and thank you to the parents for helping to put them together!) The other planes will be displayed in our classrooms during the Exhibition Evening.


Learning about each other!

Anayah and her family have recently celebrated Eid. Anayah's Mum came in to tell us all about the celebrations at Anayah's house! It was super to hear about the things Anayah and her family have been doing. To continue to celebrations Anayah's Mum drew patterns on our hands with Henna and Anayah gave out special Halal sweets.
We really enjoy learning about each other. **Eid Mubarak!!**

Click here to see all the photographs.


Knights and Castles Day 

We LOVED our end of topic dress up day. We came to school dressed as Knights, Princesses, Kings and Queens. We enjoyed medieval dancing, we created a coat of arms, designed a shield, enjoyed a feast and were knighted! 

CC.CS class  RP class

Click here to see all of the photographs from our knights and castles day!


Art Day - Mackenzie Thorpe

We really enjoyed our Art Days in Year 1! We used oil pastels to create our own art pieces in the style of Mackenzie Thorpe.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Share Days - Fruit Kebabs

During the Spring Term, our share days involved making a fruit kebab! We used the children's kitchen in the canteen to prepare, assemble and eat our fruit kebabs. 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mathematics - Independent Learning

Here are some photos of us working hard in maths! 


   Positional language (wearing our Maths Hats!)        3D Solids (faces)                   Halving (into 2 equal groups)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Writing Letters to Year 4

We watched the Y4's Diwali performance and we loved it! We wrote letters to Y4 to thank them for a fantastic show. We shared these letters with Y4 and they each wrote us a little reply.

Below are some of our letters!


Walk to the Woods!
As part of our Science topic about trees, we went for a walk around a local wood.




Click here to see all the photos from our visit to the woods.