Brough Primary School

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Chair of Governors: Mrs J Drewery

Business Manager: Mrs S Marshall


Autumn 1 - Diwali.


Our first topic of the year is to look at the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali which is a fantastic, colourful start!

The children begin by reading the story of Rama and Sita and how Diwali is celebrated. Did you know that this festival actually lasts 5 days?

The main focus of Diwali is the lighting of diva lamps, which according to tradition, all the villagers did to welcome Rama and Sita back from their banishment in the forest.

Year 4 make their own clay diva lamps and then decorate them so they are bright and colourful.

Traditionally, people draw Rangoli patterns outside their front doors to welcome the goddess of wealth into their homes using coloured rice and pulses. We create our own outside Rangoli patterns using chalks and then, as part of our Design Technology work, design and make a felt Rangoli wall hanging.

Autumn 2 - The Stone Age

During the second part of Autumn term, we look at the Stone Age and what it must have been like to live during these times.

We create our own cave paintings and make our own 'stone age' bracelets using clay to imitate bones and teeth!


Spring: Ancient Greece.

During the spring term , Year 4 study the Ancient Greeks.  We start our topic off with an exciting ‘launch’ day which involves us dressing as Greeks for the day, looking at the Greek alphabet, writing our names in Greek and observational drawings of Greek pottery.



Summer 1 - Sunny Spain

In the first part of the summer term children study the environment and human geography of Spain. This topic really interests the children as firstly, many of them have been on holiday to Spain and secondly the topic is taught mainly from a child's point of view. The children react quite indignantly to the differences in lifestyle, especially the later bedtime which is the norm on Spain! 

Image result for spanish children

Summer 2: Oceans Deep

In the second part of the Summer term, Year 4 study the life found in the oceans and seas of the world. The main focus area is the Mediterranean Sea following our work on Spain in the first part of the summer term. This is a really exciting topic for the children as it includes our residential sleepover in The Deep Submarium in Hull. This is when the children get the opportunity to sleepover in front of the tank in the lower part of the exhibit. The activities done during this evening visit are part of our curriculum and because it is residential it prepares the children really well for the longer residential to come in year 5 and 6. 

We try to make our topics as creative and fun as possible so we spend a lot of time exploring deeper questions about the ancient and modern Olympic Games. This was especially topical in summer 2016 of course, as it was also the Olympics in Rio de Janiero.

One of our art days in the spring term term involve us in creating a Grecian Urn.  We use an inflatable balloon, lots of news paper, lots of wall paper paste and some card to help us make a Grecian Urn. Once it is finished it takes a lot of paint to complete it.

Year 4 curriculum information

Click the following link to find out what the new curriculum objectives are for Year 4.

National Curriculum 2014 Statutory Objectives



The following link will show you the Syllabus for Religious Education for Year 4


Religious Education Syllabus Year 3 and 4



The following links will show you the Year 4 topic overview sheets.

Autumn Term 1 - Diwali

Autumn Term 2 - The Savage Stone Age

Spring Term - The Groovy Greeks

Summer Term 1 - Sunny Spain

Summer Term 2 - Oceans Deep!


Parent's curriculum booklets

2016 - 2017

Autumn 1 - Diwali

Autumn 2 - The Savage Stone Age

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Spring  - The Groovy Greeks

Summer 1 - Sunny Spain