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Chair of Governors: Mrs J Drewery

Business Manager: Mrs S Marshall

Sports Competitions


Academic Year 2016-17

Year 3 Dodgeball Competition - Tuesday 22nd November

What a win! A huge congratulations to our very talented Year 3 Dodgeball Team. As the PE coodinator and a Year 3 Class Teacher, I was incredibly proud to watch from the sidelines as Brough won every match against North Cave, South Cave, North Ferriby, Welton, Elloughton and Swanland. The level of skill and coordination when throwing, aiming and dodging the balls was simply brilliant! They hardly missed a shot! A special mention to Henry E, Lewis B, Jacob M, Emily H, Amelia B, Tyler J, Alexander L, Joseph J, Thomas L, Kyran S, Hiruni P, Millie M, Chloe J, Freya R, Alexander N, Joey D, Sofia E and Caitlin V, you did your school proud. We are progressing into the final where will will play against other winning Primary schools in the region. This will take place at Wolfreton Secondary School, the date is yet to be confirmed. 

As always, thank you to our supportive parents for transporting the children and staying to support. We could not do it without you! 

Miss Mason. 

Hockey Competition - Tuesday 8th November

Our Y5/Y6 Hockey team were part of an exciting tournament last Tuesday at South Hunsley School, competing against Swanland, Elloughton and North Ferriby. The team was mixed boys and girls, they worked hard, demonstrating teamwork and determination from start to finish. The children's attitude was fantastic, despite the cold temperatures and the challenging matches. As I watched from the sidelines I witnessed brilliant defensive work, skilled passing and Jacob (Y6) produced a powerful goal. Congratulations to Kristian (Y6), Luke (Y6), Eloise (Y6), Grace (Y6), Jacob (Y6), Connie (Y6), Lewis (Y5), Poppy (Y5), Josephine (Y5) and Rachel (Y5).

Thank you to all the parents involved for your support and encouragement.

Miss Mason. 

 Sports Hall Athletics Competition - Tuesday 1st November

On Tuesday 1st November, a Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics competition took place at South Hunsley School. This was an inter-competition event for the South Hunsley Cluster of primary schools. Ten boys and ten girls took part in this exciting event, representing Brough School in two teams.

The competition was organised in two parts, field events and track events. Pupils could compete in up to two track and two field events each. The track events included relay races and obstacle races. The field events included chest pass, foam javelin throwing and a variety of jumping competitions.

All Brough pupils tried very hard in both their individual and team events. Individual scores in the competition contributed to a team total. Brough School came third in the competition overall, with a score very closely behind second place.

Well done to all our pupils who represented their school and thank you to parents for your ongoing support with transport and cheering!

Mrs Machon

 Cross Country - Tuesday 27th September 2016

A huge congratulations to all the children who took part in the Cross Country Competition at South Hunsley School. We were so pleased to see such an enthusiastic response from the children across KS2 with a promising turn out of over 40 children. A special mention to Amelia W (Y4), Henry E (Y3), Connie O (Y6) and Ben M (Y5) for achieving first place positions within the Brough Primary School runners. Thank you to parents for your support and encouraging cheers!

Miss Mason and Mrs Machon. 


Dodgeball Competition - Tuesday 19th January 2016

On Tuesday 19th January a Y3 Dodgeball Competition took place at South Hunsley School. This was a new inter-competition event for the South Hunsley Cluster of primary schools. Fourteen enthusiastic Y3 boys and girls took part in this exciting event, representing Brough School in two mixed teams. The sports hall was full with pupils and parents from our local primary schools. The competition was organised and played in two groups, each team playing five matches with three mini games per match. All children in our teams tried very hard and played well displaying some good throwing and dodging skills. Brough A team went through to the semi-final against South Cave, narrowly losing two games to one. Well done to all our pupils who represented their school and thank you to parents for your support with transport and cheering!

Mrs Machon


Year 4 Dance Competition – Tuesday 8th March 2016

On Tuesday 8th March the Year 4 Dance Competition took place at South Hunsley School at 1.00 pm. Twenty seven of our Year 4 boys and girls took part in this exciting event. The theme of the dance competition was Carnival and our Brazilian, Rio carnival dance was choreographed by Mrs Prescott. All children demonstrated great enthusiasm and dedication in learning and practising the dance routines. Congratulations and well done to our pupils who won the competition and now go forward to represent the South Hunsley cluster in the next round of the competition at Cottingham High School on April 19th. Thank you to Mrs Prescott for her hard work and dedication and to parents for their support with makeup and rehearsals.

Mrs Machon

East Riding SSP (West) Y4 Dance Final - Tuesday 19th April 2016

At lunchtime on Tuesday 19th April our twenty seven Y4 dancers set off in a coach to Cottingham High School for the East Riding School Sport Partnership (West) dance final. They were very excited and a little nervous to be representing the South Hunsley cluster of primary schools. Together they worked very hard to perform their best Carnival themed dance for the judges. We are thrilled to share the fantastic news that the Y4 dancers were the overall winners of the competition! Congratulations to all pupils for their enthusiasm and dedication to this competition. The children were each awarded a winner’s medal. Brough School also won the best dance choreography award. Thank you also to Mrs Prescott for her commitment to the Y4 dancers and her choreography.

Mrs Machon

Year 4 Benchball Competition - Tuesday19th April 2016

On Tuesday 19th April the Y4 Benchball Competition took place at South Hunsley School for the South Hunsley cluster of primary schools. Nineteen enthusiastic Y4 boys and girls took part in this exciting event, representing Brough School in two mixed teams. The competition was organised into two groups, each team playing every other team in their group. The children tried very hard to throw and catch the ball to get their team mates on the bench. Some children were very good at defending the opposition’s bench too. Brough A team narrowly missed achieving second place in their group to go through to the semi-final. Congratulations to Brough B team who went through to the semi-final against North Ferriby School which they won. The final against Swanland School was extremely exciting with a nail biting finish which required extra time at 5-5. After extra time we are thrilled to report Brough won 6-5!  Brough B team and Swanland team will now represent the South Hunsley cluster at the East Riding SSP (West) final in Goole. Well done to all our pupils who represented their school and thank you to parents for your support with transport and cheering!

Orienteering- Monday 18th April 2016

On Monday 18th April 2016, 16 children from Y5/6 made their way to South Hunsley to participate in an exciting Orienteering Competition. I was thrilled to see how enthusiastic the children were to be involved, lots of them trying Orienteering for the first time. Well done! 

As always our children put in 110% effort and demonstrated determination and teamwork. Congratulations to:

Year 6 Winners (Group)












Total Time: 35.09

Tear 6 (Individual)





Miss Mason. 

Netball League 

A huge congratulations to our Netball team for a superb performance throughout the league so far. The girls have played numerous matches against other teams in the East Riding including Howden, Elloughton and Parkside. I am very pleased to announce that our talented girls (Isobel S, Isabel M, Amy, Poppy, Lauren, Jodie, Fay, Nikki and Layla) have won almost every match that they have participated in. The results are as follows:

Home games

Brough vs Elloughton A  - 12-1 (win)

Brough vs Howden - 4-3 (lost) 

Brough vs Elloughton B - 16-2 (win)

Away games

Brough vs Goole Parkside - 4-3 (win)

Brough vs Elloughton A - 9-0 (win)

Brough vs Elloughton B - 10-0 (win) 

A huge thank you to our fantastic netball coach Lisa Lyons and a big thank you to all parents for your help and support. 

More results to come. Keep up the brilliant work girls!

Miss Mason. 

East RidingSSP (West) Y4 Bench ball Final – Tuesday 3rd May 2016

On Tuesday 3rd May ten Year 4 pupils represented Brough Primary School at the East Riding SSP (West) Y4 Bench ball Final. The excited children had to leave early from their Y4 trip to KC Stadium and travel by minibus with Mrs Machon to Goole Academy. Swanland Primary School, Hook Primary School, Mount Pleasant Primary School, Dunswell Primary School, Hensall Primary School and Warter Primary School were the other schools in the Bench ball final. Each team played every other team in the competition and were awarded points for winning, drawing or losing the game. We won two of our six games and were placed fifth overall, only one point behind fourth place. Well done to all our children who enjoyed representing their school in an ER final. They tried very hard during the competition and displayed some excellent teamwork in attacking and defending. We look forward to seeing them representing Brough in Years 5 or 6.

Mrs Machon

Year 5/6 Boys Kwik Cricket Competition – Tuesday 17th May 2016

On Tuesday 17th May eight boys from Years 5 and 6 represented Brough Primary School at the Kwik Cricket Competition at South Hunsley School. Boys from Elloughton, Welton, North Ferriby and Swanland schools also took part in the competition, in the superb late afternoon, early evening sunshine.

All boys played in pairs to bat and everyone had to bowl one over of six balls in each game. In Kwik Cricket each team starts batting with a score of 200 runs, then runs are deducted if a batter is bowled, caught, run out or stumped.  Additional runs can be scored when batting.  The six teams were divided into two groups of three teams. We played against Elloughton B team and Welton in our group. Our boys displayed some good team work and there were some impressive catches and hits. We scored 221 for 5 against Elloughton B who scored 231 for 5 and we scored 214 for 8 against Welton who scored 219 for 4. Welton boys went on to win the final against Elloughton A team.

Well done to our pupils who played well in two closely fought games. Also thank you to parents for their ongoing support with transport, cheering and washing kit!

Mrs Machon

Orienteering Final

Big congratulations to all the children who took part in the Orienteering Competition held at South Hunsley School. The children involved organised their own partners, showing great maturity, communication and teamwork. We are delighted to announce that three partners from Brough Primary School were invited to attend the final at Burton Constable. Well done to Tom, Ben, Isobel, Fay, Bill and Tristan.

Miss Mason.


Netball League

Keeping you up-to-date with the Netball League results. The girls have continued to play fantastically well and they have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the netball squad at Brough Primary School. They had a tough match on 19th May against Howden, but showed determination to the very end. This game was held at Howden Primary School and the end score was 6-4 (to Howden). I am delighted to inform you that the girls won their final match today (9th June) against Parkside. Lisa, the school netball coach said "Fantastic match, so competitive in the last quarter". This match was played at home and they won 5-4. We are extremely proud of the girls, ages ranging from Y4-Y6, for their co-operation, teamwork, respect and dedication. 

Once again, thank you to Lisa and parents for your support throughout the league. 

Miss Mason. 


Girls' Kwik Cricket

Congratulations to the Y5/6 girls' Kwik Cricket team for their performance at South Hunsley on Tuesday 24th May. The girls showed a lot of skill during some very competitive matches. As an observer, I was so proud to see some excellent play and some superb 'catching out'. The girls were playing against two teams from Elloughton, as well as North Ferriby, South Cave and Welton. They worked hard to play to the best of their ability, but more importantly the girls appeared to really enjoy this competition. The girls were awarded a 3rd place position, a huge well done to you all. 

It was lovely to see many parents coming to watch and support their children. Thank you. 

Miss Mason. 


Rounders - Tuesday 24th June 

Firstly, a huge thank you to all the children playing at South Hunsley tonight. A special mention to George, Alexander and Rosanna for stepping up and supporting your school last minute due to some unforeseen absences. The children demonstrated respect, maturity and commitment throughout and although some of the children have not played together before, new players were welcomed and the teamwork was very visible. Well done Jacob, Kristian, Lauren, Luke, Ryan, Georgia, Skylar, George, Alexander and Rosanna. You made Brough School very proud this evening. 

Miss Mason. 


Netball League Final

A massive congratulations to our netball girls for winning the league. They have played extremely well and won the majority of their matches, showing their determination and skill every step of the way. The final will be played on Friday 25th June at Longcroft Secondary School. Good luck and well done to Isobel S, Isabel M, Amy, Poppy, Lauren, Jodie, Fay and Nikki. We are very proud of your accomplishment. 

Thank you to our supportive parents, this could not have been done without you.

Miss Mason.


Mini-Olympics Competition - Tuesday 19th July 2016

We ended our busy inter-competition calendar with an exciting Mini-Olympics Competition held at South Hunsley School. The competition took place on the playing field on a very hot and humid summer afternoon. Well done to the 8 boys and girls in Years 5 and 6 who represented Brough Primary School against teams from Elloughton, Swanland and North Ferriby schools. Zac, Charlie, Isobel, Jodie, Fay, Luke, Kristian and Georgia all tried extremely hard when competing in the long jump, shot put,100m sprint and 600m run events. At the end of the competition we all gathered around the ‘Olympic rostrum’ to hear the results. Both boys and girls were presented with bronze, silver and gold medals for each event. Congratulations to Zac (1st 100m and 3rd long jump), Charlie (2nd 600m), Isobel (3rd shot put and 3rd 600m) and Jodie (3rd long jump). Well done to all our pupils for representing their school and to parents for their ongoing support.

Mrs Machon


Academic Year 2014-15

SHS Partnership Cross-Country
After a disappointing postponement due to the typical Autumn weather, the Partnership cross county event took place on Friday 17th October.
7 Yr 3/4 children and 9 Yr 5/6 children represented Brough Primary School at South Hunsley School showing great strength and determination. We had some amazing results with Luke Ware coming 4th, Kristian Hansford 7th and Connie O'Grady 9th for the Yr 3/4 age group. Seth Acton and Ethan Bennett came 7th and 8th respectively in the Yr 5/6 boys event. Thank you to all the children and their parents for attending at short notice due to the change in date. We look forward to our next partnership event of Hockey on the 4th November.
Mrs McPherson

Elloughton v Brough Football Friendly

In a derby-like atmosphere, befitting that of a clash between Hull City and Scunthorpe United, Elloughton Primary became our first ‘friendly’ opponents of the season earlier this week.

Both teams must take huge credit from the game as, in extremely challenging weather conditions, all players continued to play football the way it should be. Unfortunately for our boys, despite having the majority of possession and chances, luck was not quite on their side and they slipped to an agonising 3-2 defeat, with both Brough goals coming from emphatic finishes by Ben.

As was the case in the 7-a-side tournament last week, the team showed impressive teamwork, attitude and perseverance, despite not getting the result they wanted or deserved. Praise must go to all of the boys, though, for sticking to how we wanted to play the game and for showing off the passing ability of our team. Well done!

Extra mentions must also go to Max, who was like a rock in our defence and communicated very effectively with his fellow defenders to keep things tight at the back, and also to Will, for some extremely impressive touches in midfield, as well as a good work rate and attitude throughout.

Well done to all of the boys involved and many thanks to all parents for the fantastic support!

Mr Miller

(22nd Oct 2014)


Swimming Gala

On Tuesday 24th February six KS2 girls and six KS2 boys represented Brough Primary School in a swimming gala held at South Hunsley School pool. Six primary schools entered the competition. The children competed in a variety of individual one or two length races and a mixture of relay races. All the children tried hard to swim their fastest and enthusiastically cheered their team mates. The atmosphere was very exciting during the races and when we heard the winners of each race announced during the competition. Well done to all the children who represented Brough School! Max came 1st in the front crawl race and Harry came second. Millie came second in the  backstroke race. Four boys won the one length relay and four girls came second in the one length relay. Overall our pupils gained a very well deserved 2nd place in the swimming gala! Thank you to parents who transported their children and for your support and encouragement on the poolside.

Mrs Machon


Boys 7-a-side football tournament

In the annual South Hunsley Cluster Boys Football Tournament, earlier last week, both of our teams from Brough put up spirited performances in their first set of games together as a team.

Despite impressive signs of development throughout the group stage matches, our ‘B’ team just missed out on progressing to the semi-finals of the tournament. The ‘A’ team, on the other hand, did manage to reach the semi-finals, only to fall agonisingly short of making the final with a marginal defeat against eventual winners North Ferriby.

Although both teams returned to school without any silverware on this occasion, the level of skill and attitude shown throughout each and every game has filled me with confidence for future fixtures to come.

Well done, boys!

Mr Miller

(October 2014)


 Hockey Competition

On Tuesday 4th November two teams of Year 6 boys and girls represented Brough Primary School in a Hockey Competition held at South Hunsley School. The competition included five other primary schools in the South Hunsley partnership: Swanland, Elloughton, Welton, North Cave and North Ferrriby schools. All the children played well and enjoyed playing on the 3G pitches; the flood lights added to the exciting atmosphere.

The teams were organised into two groups. Team B won one game, drew two games and lost one game in their group.

Brough B v Elloughton B 1 - 0 (Zak Fee)

Brough B v North Ferrriby 0 - 0

Brough B v North Cave 0 - 0

Brough B v Swanland B 0 -2

Team A won two games and drew one game in their group.

Brough A v Elloughton A 4 - 0 (Aaron Featherstone 1, Zak Hawkings 1, Will Voakes 2)

Brough A v Welton 5 – 0 (Charlie Trainor 1, Zak Hawkings 2, Will Voakes 2)

Brough A v Swanland A 0 - 0

Well done to Team A who went through to the semi-final, losing narrowly in the final minutes 1-0 to North Ferriby School. Well done to all our pupils and thank you to parents for your support and encouragement.

Mrs Machon


Y4 Dance Competition

On Tuesday 10th March some of the year fours made their way to South Hunsley to compete in a dance competition. The theme of the dance had to be rugby in the world cup; because of this theme we did a rugby match between England and New Zealand.

We practised every single lunchtime when Mrs Prescott wasn't busy and put all the effort into it that we could.  We wanted to win this round so much that we even practised after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for two weeks to get it picture perfect! We also gave up our Friday P.E. lessons to make it the best that we could possibly do.

We were the first school to perform our dance and we thought we gave it our best shot! When the judges revealed who came 1st ,2nd and 3rd  this is how it went.  South Cave were 3rd , North Cave were 2nd and we were 1st !!! We will be going to the grand final on the 21st of April at Cottingham High School.


Girls 7-a-side football tournament

Earlier this week, the girl’s football team put up an extremely courageous performance at the annual South Hunsley Cluster 7-a-side tournament.

Despite marginally missing out on a place in the semi-finals of the competition, the girls showed true grit and determination throughout each of their four games and certainly did their school proud. In fact, in the final game of their tournament, the girls were rewarded for their persistence and earned a hard-fought 1-0 victory against North Ferriby, with a fantastic strike from Charley B.

The faultless attitude shown by the girls throughout the tournament was a hugely encouraging sign for future fixtures, and the significant improvement in performance between each game was clear for all to see on the touchline.

Well done girls, you did Brough School proud!

Mr Miller

(October 2014)


Sports Hall Athletics

Yr 5/6 children represented our school in the very energetic and exiting Sports Hall Athletics. The children competed against other schools in boys and girls track and field events. Track events included obstacle relay, over and under relay, 1 lap and 6 lap relays. Field events included javelin and chest push throws and three jumping events. Despite some difficulties filling the places of 9 boys and 9 girls, the children showed determination and commitment and finished third, a very good result. Well done to all the competitors, you were a pleasure to be with.

Mrs McPherson


Nine children represented Brough Primary School from Yr 5/6 on 22nd April at South Hunsley School for an Orienteering Competition. The weather was glorious and the children had a fantastic time using electronic equipment to map their route.

Well done to William Tansey (3rd) and Sam Marsh (2nd) for their individual finishes. They will go through to the next round at Burton Constable in May. Good Luck!

Mrs McPherson

Yr 4 Benchball Competition

The children in year 4 enjoyed participating in the South Hunsley Benchball competition on Tuesday 28th April. It was a busy and highly competitive event. The 20 children were in two teams in different leagues with both teams winning some of their matches but not enough to qualify for the semi finals. Well done to a very enthusiastic group of children!!

Mrs McPherson

Yr 5/6 Rounders Competition - Tuesday 2nd June

A team of 6 boys and 7 girls battled against the high winds as well as other teams from the South Hunsley Partnership on the 3G pitch. Brough School were in the 'A' league with 3 other schools who all played each other. After the games were played and the points were totaled, there was a clear winner for league 'A.' The other teams including Brough all came 2nd as we had all won, drawn and lost a game to each other. The Young Leaders had to then see how many players had been 'out' during their batting sessions for each game to decide final places. In the end, Brough came third in their league. Well done for some good sportsmanship and some amazing batting skills, Owen in particular managed to get a rounder with almost every run. Brilliant!

Mrs McPherson